Brian Skerry!

Brian Skerry delivered an amazing speech today, speaking about his adventures with wildlife and photography with National Geographic. He was poetic and tugged at the crowd’s heartstrings, showing poignant photographs to correlate with his verbal images.



This blog was inspired by the amazing marine biologist and ecologist Enric Sala, whose great speech at Chautauqua and subsequent conversation aroused my interest in blogging and gave excellent advice about careers in zoology and ecology. I hope to emulate his infectious enthusiasm, hard work, and charisma as they all are excellent tools to rally people to the cause of saving our planet.


Today I am undertaking a new project, a blog about our fragile planet and what can be done to protect it.  It is my greatest hope that this will inspire you to help and respect our world.  The damage that has been done to our planet is certainly not irreversible, and our generation must work together with our global siblings to  reverse the damage wrought by previous generations and leave our planet better than we recieved it.  By being born, we all receive citizenship to Earth and we must treat it as our inheritance.  

Hello world!

With this blog, I will write about our wonderful planet and it’s inhabitants, as well as speaking out about conservation and awareness of our fragile world. I am open to musings and natural anecdotes and hope that this blog will inspire more people to become caretakers of Earth!